Synergy of Ingenious Minds and Advanced Machines

Our Expertise:

At Speakease AI, the wealth of multidisciplinary expertise among our team is the keystone of our trailblazing solutions. Unified by a shared vision, we employ avant-garde Artificial Intelligence to overcome linguistic and societal hurdles, orchestrating authentic human interactions. The wide spectrum of skills our team holds, spanning machine learning, data science, cognitive psychology, and beyond, places us in a distinctive position to navigate the intricate challenges at the confluence of technology and human empathy.

Fusing Technical Mastery with Empathic Innovation:

Our acumen is a seamless amalgamation of technical mastery and empathetic innovation, uniquely qualifying us to tackle the complex challenges resonating at the juncture of AI and human interaction.

Excellence in Machine Learning:

Our specialists demonstrate a profound aptitude in leveraging Transformer-based models, Reinforcement Learning, and Generative Adversarial Networks. This expertise propels us to the forefront of pioneering solutions in Natural Language Processing and intricate data analytics, driving the essence of innovation.

Data Science Virtuosity:

Our data scientists harness the power of Bayesian inference and Neural Collaborative Filtering to distill actionable insights from convoluted data landscapes, facilitating informed decision-making, and accentuating the essence of data-driven strategy.

Cognizant Insights from Cognitive and Biomedical Sciences:

The incorporation of team members with rich backgrounds in cognitive and biomedical sciences augments our AI models with empirical research methodologies and a nuanced comprehension of neurodiversity. This blend infuses a human-centric ethos into our technological solutions, elevating the dimension of empathy in our innovations.

Engineered for Scalability:

Our engineering brigade ensures a seamless fusion of hardware and software, optimizing for stellar performance and scalability to cater to the expanding needs of our diverse user base.

Innovative Design Paradigm:

Our graphic and UI/UX designers are guided by Human-Computer Interaction principles, sculpting innovative and user-centric experiences that resonate with the essence of intuitive design.

Empathy Embodied:

Beyond the technical prowess, a plethora of our team members bring personal narratives intertwined with neurodiversity and ESL challenges. This personal connection adds an invaluable layer of empathy and understanding to our solutions, distinguishing us in a technology landscape often bereft of such humane considerations.

Meet the Maestro:

At the forefront of Speakease AI is Eric Soderquist, a dedicated scholar from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, whose academic exploration in Brain & Cognitive Sciences fuels his ambition to redefine human communication. Leading the engineering team, his prowess in machine learning and data engineering serves as the cornerstone of our innovative voyage. Eric meticulously employs cutting-edge technologies like Transformer-based architectures, demonstrating a relentless pursuit for excellence as we strive to transcend linguistic barriers. 

His user-centric approach, particularly towards the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ESL learners, underlines a personal mission beyond professional endeavors. His ability to helm the engineering domain showcases a harmonious blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of societal impact, carving user-centric solutions out of complex challenges. 

The feedback from our community notably contrasts our impact against industry titans like Google Translate and DeepL, highlighting the resonance of Eric's empathetic approach to innovation. His leadership, balancing innovative foresight with a profound understanding of the symbiosis between technology and human empathy, ensures Speakease AI’s agility in the ever-evolving market dynamics.

With a discerning eye on emerging trends in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, Eric's strategic acumen steers our trajectory towards leveraging opportunities and fostering a communicative revolution, envisioning Speakease AI as a linchpin in global communication, championing inclusivity and empathy through advanced AI.

The Speakease Cohort:

United in a Singular Vision:

At the heart of Speakease lies a cohort of divergent thinkers, bound together by three cardinal pillars: adaptability, inclusivity, and relentless innovation. Operating in a realm devoid of geographical constraints, our fully remote team thrives within a robust infrastructure designed to ignite the best in every individual, transcending spatial boundaries and epitomizing accessibility.

Embodied Excellence:

Our allegiance to excellence resonates through our stringent communication protocols and avant-garde data security measures. These facets are non-negotiable, given the nuanced intricacies of machine learning algorithms and data science methodologies that underpin our groundbreaking product offerings.

Beyond Technical Mastery:

Yet, our quest transcends the realms of technical mastery. We hold the holistic well-being of our team in high regard, offering a suite of benefits that encompass flexible work schedules, dedicated wellness days, and the autonomy to sculpt workdays in non-linear contours. This nurturing ethos not only resonates with accessibility norms but seeds a fertile ground for creative problem-solving and boundless innovation.

Redefining Industry Norms:

By orchestrating a symphony of technical excellence with a profound commitment to human-centered design and well-being, we are not merely aligning with industry standards; we are sculpting new ones. Join our odyssey as we spearhead the exploration of AI's potential to forge genuine human connections, carving a niche where technology meets humanity.

Eric Soderquist | Founder + CEO


Thienan (Teddy) Tran | Software Engineer


Charles Figiel | UX/UI Engineer


Every member of the Speakease cadre is a reflection of our unyielding endeavor to push the frontiers of AI while nurturing a culture of empathy and inclusivity. With each passing day, the synergy of our collective intellect and compassionate ethos brings us a step closer to redefining the landscape of AI-driven communication, promising a future where technology is the conduit for authentic human connections.

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